Monday, November 3, 2008

Though Dixville Notch has given Barak Obama an overwhelming victory, the Presidential State Futures markets suggest the election may not be an Obama landslide in the rest of the nation. Though Obama is predicted to win enough states to win the election, trading in eight states is still too close to call. Unfortunately for John McCain, even if he picks up all the undecided states, the total number of Electoral College votes would not be enough for him to win the election.

Nevada and Virginia are the two Obama-predicted states that have the least amount of Obama trader support. For John McCain to win, he would not only have to win all the states which are still too close to call, both Nevada and Virginia, and at least one Obama-held state that has a minimum of six Electoral College votes. States to watch would be some combination of Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Pennsylvania, or New Hampshire.

Not impossible, but as we say in Iowa, it would be a "long row to hoe."

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